A storytelling podcast with a little history and a little mystery.

New episode every two weeks.

Cross the threshold into the unknown. Explore a world of twists and turns through the stories found in hidden tunnels, subterranean networks, and other mysterious portals. Wherever there is a secret passage, there is a long history of connection and a surrounding culture of mystery waiting to be uncovered.

SECRET PASSAGES is researched, written, produced, and presented by E.S. Rodenbiker. Influenced by Unsolved Mysteries, Twilight Zone, and Eerie Indiana as well as Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project, the landscape writing of Rob Macfarlane, and the travelogues of Bill Bryson. Inspired by podcasts like the Memory Palace, Unexplained, and This American Life. Originally from Seattle, he lives in the North of England with his wife, son, and two cats. His storytelling is community-supported on Patreon.

Cover art by @game.of.pricks

Contact: e.s.rodenbiker@gmail.com


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